Seeing Landscape, Silkeborg Bad


Janury 14 – April 15 2012 (Danish section on show until May 6)


“He who is clever enjoys the mountains; he who is wise enjoys the water”

Landscape painting is the pivotal point in this meeting and dialogue between 14 Chinese artists:
Wang Jinsong, Song Yongping, Zhang Liping, Xue Song, Xu Leining, Zhang Xiaomin, Zhao Xianfeng, Song Yonghong, Guo Jin, Zhao Nengzhi, Wang Yabin, Yin Zhaoyang, Luo Quanmu og Pei Tong.

and 12 member of the Danish artist association CORNER :Pontus Kjerrman, Lars Ravn, Janne Klerk, Morten Skovmand, Kirsten Klein, Tong Wang, Jens Bohr, Finn Heiberg, Mogens Nørgaard, Anne Marie Mejlholm, Tove Hummel og Gustav Hansen.

They have visited each others countries and landscapes and this current exhibition was first presented in Xiamen, China.

Text from the Artcenter´s homepage: http://www.silkeborgbad.dk