Cat on roof with light-banana

House in stoneware, on top of it a fabled animal/cat cast in scagliola/stuccomarble mixed with blue powder colour pigment. The sculpture was a part of installation at Tranegården 1984 and installation at Louisian Museum of Art , Borealis 4 1989. The sculpture was bought in 1985 by John Hunov who later donated it to Kunsten, Museum of Modern Art Aalborg (inventarnummer NK1660)

Description of the material Pontus Kjerrman. Moulding and casting, published by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art

Stucco marble (gypsum marble or scagliola) — Gypsum marble is a technique which, when carried out correctly, can result in something that is astonishingly like polished marble. Gypsum marble is made of gypsum that has been mixed as thick as porridge or mortar. Bone glue is added to the water that has been used for the mixture; this prolongs the hardening-time of the gypsum, depending on the concentration of the glue water, for as much as 12 hours.

Made as prizestatuette for Denmarks best hospital for the magazine Dagens Medicin given to Skejby Hospital Aarhus

In process

The artist Kasper Heiberg seen from the back is looking at a plaster sculpture by Jytte Keller, his wife who studied at the the sculpture department 1979-1981