Tømmerflåde, The raft

The artist Kasper Heiberg seen from the back is looking at a plaster sculpture by Jytte Keller, his wife who studied at the the sculpture department 1979-1981

Bench with concrete sculptures for the Kornmod school in Silkeborg. Created for the 40th anniversary of the school. The sculptures, a sitting horse (90 cm) and a cat (25 cm), are cast in dry cast concrete (concrete with a low content of water) which gives a surface resembling sandstone. The sculpture was completed in the spring of 2000.

Third part of a trilogy for Vejle pedestrian street
Inaugurated 1 november 2003

On the pedestrian street in front of the Fountain and the drinking fountain there is this bench with the two fabled creatures casted in broinze, holding their hands and thus forming their arms as a kind of chairback.