Years 1995

Pontus Kjerrman’s own Christmas Calender was shown at Vejen Art Museum between 1/12-95 and 28/1-96. It consisted of 24 boxes with doors. Each day one was opened by a school class. In the boxes, Kjerrman showed several of his works through time. He also showed some larger works that were not part of the Calender.

This exhibition took place 28/4 – 24/5 1995 at Galleri Gerly in K√∂penhamn. For once one could also see paintings made by Pontus Kjerrmans. He also showed several figures, among others “The old Chinese” and “Sketch for The Shepardess and the Chimneysweeper”. Both were made for the public work in Odense Swedish only that was inaugurated 17/6 1995..