The White Gold

Royal Copenhagen retail shop, Stroeget, April 30 – June 31 2003
Marienlyst Slott, June 4 – August 3 2003
Vejen Museum of Art, December 1 2003 – February 22 2004

Exhibition with students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, curated together with Lecturer Karen Harsbo leader of the department of Ceramics. All 16 participant executed porcelain figurines made in the worksops of the danish Royal Copenhagen during autumn 2002 and spring 2003.

From left to right, row by row:
Esben Klemann, Tina Uhrskov, Thomas Bjørkå, Fie Norsker, Karin Lorentzen, Lisbeth Bank, Sofie Hesselholdt & Vibeke Mejlvang, Lene Barnkob Kaas, Nina Radelfahr, Sophus Ejler Jepsen, Annesofie Sandal, Karen Harsbo, Katrine Naumann, Jon Stahn, Troels Sandegård.

Inaugurated May 26 2003

Bench with bronzesculptures and a stuccofriezes at Mun-H Center/Ågrenska, a national resource center for children with functional disorders, situated close to the sea south of Gothenborg.

Inaugurated June 10 2003

Third part of a trilogy for Vejle pedestrian street
Inaugurated 1 november 2003

On the pedestrian street in front of the Fountain and the drinking fountain there is this bench with the two fabled creatures casted in broinze, holding their hands and thus forming their arms as a kind of chairback.

Søllerød Museum, May 3 – June 9 2003

Exhibition with scetches, objects of special meaning, teacups and pavillion with a chineseinspired roof consisting of more than 200 handmade ceramic tiles covered with over 100 animal figurines free and in relief. The ceramic tiles are glazed with the same imperial yellow that was used in the forbidden city in Beijing. The exhibition was arranged by Sollerod art ascosiation and was curated by architect Jens Bertelsen.