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The Adventure

The fabulous animals made their appearance in the world of my pictures at a time when, for some years, I had worked with naturalist sculptures treating of the relationship between man and woman, and man, woman and children. Many people regarded those sculptures as very grave and personal, whereas the fabulous animals gave me and the beholder the possibility of establishing a distance and a relaxed attitude to the sculptures.

In that world, the man is a stubborn and hard-working horse who spends most of his time building a house out of what materials he happens to find, and cultivating his cabbage field. Since he cannot go very far away from his home, he is of a very melancholy disposition.

The woman, a cat-person, is impulsive and capricious. She is provided with wings and loves moving (and changing her whereabouts). She catches sight of the horse-man when he is trying to pile up some shapeless stones in an attempt to build a house, and she falls in love with him.

A child is born to them, and during the period when she is expecting the baby the cat-woman is very irritated because her freedom of movement is curtailed.

Shortly after the birth of the baby, the cat-woman leaves the man and the child. The man's life reverts to the usual routine, yet, on account of the child, it is radically changed. Between them, they go on with the construction of hte house, and look after the cabbage field.

On a warm summer afternoon, on a lawn in the western part of Sweden, a seven-year-old girl is lying on her stomach, her chin cupped in her hand. She is watching a butterfly with a mixture of boredom and fascination. Her counterpart in another world is a cat-like being who is having a quiet conversation with a sculptor talking about her father.

The sculptor himself has a sensitive nature, and in conversations with the Master he has attemptes to approach the inmost secrets of life. The Master is more than just a disgruntled old master artisan. Every moral or cultural authority adopts the role of the Master. Every human being in quest of a Master will endeavour to waive part of the responsability for his own life, being firmly convinced that there are forces that possess greater wisdom and experience than any human being can possibly imagine.

In his search for the cat-girl, the sculptor is given invaluable assistance by the dog-like civil servant. However, only of her own free will can she find the sculptor and be informed about her lost father.

Bild från 20aq Bienal Internacional de Sao Paolo

Texten skrevs till katalogen till "20a Bienal Internacional de Sao Paolo".