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A fountain for Køge

In 1992 the municipality of Køge invited three artists to participate in a contest for an embellishment consisting of one large fountain and two smaller ones. One of the three was Pontus Kjerrman and he was the one elected. A reason for this is that his pictorial language suits the town.

The large fountain, which is situated in front of the railway station, has twelve corners and the edge is made of red and black granite. Small "lionsnakes" in bronze are sitting on the edge. Circling the main groupe are three granite blocks with bronze snakes on the top.

The main group is situated on top of three granite blocks and it consists of a kneeling horse, holding on to a cat with wings who is trying to get out of the horses grip. These beings are often seen in the art of Kjerrman; the earthbound horse and the cat who looks for higher goals. It is a love that can not come true.

The public work also consists of two fountains with drinkable water. One depicts a cat (this time without wings), and the other a horse. They are both sort of leaning on the fountain.

The inauguration took place im May 1993 and at the same time an exhibition was held at Kunstmuseet Køge Skitsesamling A video and a smaller publication was also made to describe the creation of the fountains.