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City of tales

Pontus Kjerrman exhibits at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde between the 19th June and 24th August 1997. The theme for the exhibition is Fables, and Kjerrman has chosen to call his section of the exhibition Fortællingernes by, or City of tales. It deals with the fact that the task of art mainly is narration.

This is how Kjerrman describes his contribution:

The good storyteller makes us listen and think, forget common knowledge and disregard if what we hear is actually true or false. But not just the tale - the facts, the moral message, the stories, the content - is important, also the narrator's own nature and personal style become meaningful. There are great and minor storytellers, who have nevertheless each their gesture and their story. Just like people, every city has its own story. Old buildings contain experiences and expressions, which are in danger of being forgotten, marked as they are by the passing of time. The "City of tales" is a urban space built outside concepts like time and space, thus creating a tension between oblivion and memory, past and present.

Sculptures and stucco is made in plaster. Buildings and portals are made in painted wood.

The paintor Anne Kampmann exhibits her work at the same time.

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