Galleri Provence


Pontus Kjerrman exhibits at Galleri Brantebjerg, Nakke, not far from Nykøbing, 7/6-97 – 10/7 97. This is what ehe wrote for the exhibition:

In the beginning, the function of the myth was to make the real world understandable; to me this is still true. The pictures of animals I make are ideal ones, pictures of human conditions. They derive from very private experiences, in fact so private that they become universal. The beings in the fables aren not moralizing, but they intervene in, and make their own tale.

For the exhibition at Galleri Brantebjerg I will show fablebeings who resamble humans by emphasizing how much all humans remind of each other. On the other hand, in the group “Skepsis and Hysteria”, the beings are nor humans or animals, but charachters or symbols of qualities. (..)

In several figures, I work with making the relation between the figure and the base a part of the tale.”