Drinking fountain to the pedestrian street of Vejle

Second part of a trilogy for Vejle pedestrian street

The fountain consists of an angel cat leaning against a stone.

Speech from the inauguration of the sculpture “Drinking fountain” in Vejle, november 3 2002:

About two years ago when I was invited to make a study for a fountain on exactly this spot, the local authority of Vejle gave me the history of Vejle in three volumes asking me to make something with links to Vejle. I have always been interested in history and in good stories.

As a starting point I choose the Jelling Stone as I imagine it looked before it was carved: On top of it stands the fabulous animal, which is now pictured on the stone. It keeps an eye on the Midgard Serpent that is fighting with three young lions riding on each their fish. The three young lions are from the Danish coat of arms.

The bottom of the basin shows a city map over medieval Vejle as it is here at Vejle inlet it all began. At that time every city had a water pump, as not many houses had access to water and it is this water pump that we inaugurate today.

On the stone there is a silver plate that resembles a smaller silver plate found in a grave in Agersbøl outside of Vejle from the time of the immigration. The plate looks like a Chinese mask of a 3000-year-old Chinese sacrificial vessel. Water runs out of the mouth of the mask down to a grating that is worked out, as one would do 2000 years ago, that is to say if outlet gratings were used at that time. The female lion leaning against the stone looks away towards the three national lions, who are her children, and towards the fabulous animal, probably their father, she must therefore be the mother of the national lions standing here wondering when they will stop all this fuss. The story is very true and if you think there is something which does not fit it could be a reminder to us that history is created by man and that history does not create it self.

I would like to thank the craftsmen who have contributed to the fountain standing here today and to City Vejle and the following trusts and foundations: Den Hindborgske Fond, Konsul Grosserer Osvald Christensens Mindefond, Nordea Fond, BG Fond, Den Danske Banks Fond, Ole Kirks Fond and the families Wolhardt and Warrer which names have been engraved on Vejle pedestrian street.

Pontus Kjerrman, november 3 2002