Lecturing horse and his student

“Lecturing horse and his student” Two sculptures in bronze with granitesocles, 180 resp. 140 cm high, at Århus University: The lecturing horse is .looking at the. smiling student. The public work was done in cooperation with architect Mads Møller and was finished 20 januar 2000. Pontus Kjerrman wrote the following about his work:

When I started to work with fabled animals the horse was a tired thinking donkey-like, with its head leaned on one side which reminded me of Josef in a gothic stained window, where he was represented sleeping because he never realised whether Jesus was his son or not. With time he become a more thoughtful and wise creature that watched his cabbagefield. at the same time, in the Iliad I found the centaur Cheiron who had a great medical knowledge.

He taught Askleipos the son of Apollo about medical care so effectively that Hades got furious over all the people that Askleipos saved. Cheiron also taught the sons of Askleipos to take arrows out, so they could help in the war against Ilion, Troy. I imagine that he once visited Athen and held a lecture at the Agora and at the same time he notice how the Greeks depicted their authors and scientists sitting, with legs crossed, maybe he dreamt of being portrayed that way himself. He also saw Acropolis and smiled when he saw that the Greeks really believed that centaurs walked on four legs and not on two as him self. In Århus the serious and pathetic horse is sitting on a stone with an apprentice in front of him, making the area close to the terrace a theatrical scene. On the rear side of the stone it’s written “The lecturing horse and his student and below my name. It doesn’t necessary mean that I am the student of the horse, but I always hope I learn something from the sculpture during the process.

Pontus Kjerrman
7th january 2000