Corner 2020

Sophienholm, Lyngby, Denmark

For the exhibition I showed ten stoneware sculptures over the theme “Love, friendship and play”, they were shown in the same room with works by the swedish/chinese artist Tong Wang.

This text was presented in the catalogue:

The English author and Oxford professor of literature, C.S. Lewis says that humans have a special responsibility towards animals. In his fantastic stories about another world, Narnia, which has followed me all my life since I heard them read aloud as a child, there are talking animals, centaurs, unicorns, but also ordinary horses, beavers, and even talking mice that speak to the children who travel through time and space, the greatest of them all; the lion Aslan has a completely divine status. In one of the books, there are long dialogues between two talking horses who feel a close relationship with each other. There are also non-speaking animals, sometimes deer and other animals are hunted, but to kill a talking animal would be the greatest crime,

Lewis talks about four kinds of love, Storgi – affection, Eros – the physical attraction, Filia – the close love one can feel for a family member and the most important of them all, the completely aimless Agape, which Lewis describes as human love, the one that does not demand on the other hand, Agape is in fact also the love of God. Without being completely convinced of God’s existence, these thoughts have followed me in my life and I often wonder if it is only talking animals that can experience it.

Our dog lifts her head, -: Shall we go for a walk now…, when I don’t react, she carefully puts her head down towards my foot again.