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"Behind the clouds and the blue sky- there is also a world - the world of fantasy"

With this quote fom the danish art novaeu sculptor Rudolph Tegner, Pontus Kjerrman starts his cataloguetext for the exhibition Pathos, august 1993 on Den Frie (The Free exhibition hall, Copenhagen). The quote is easy to applicate on Pontus Kjerrmans art, where the world of fantasy always is present.

But why an exhibition called Pathos? Yes, this question is answered in the prefce of the catalogue:...

"We are all figurative artists, and we think that our works of art have in common that they let themselves be "read" as pathetic, that is that they make clear some subjective emotions, which for many years has been banned: to bleed, to laugh, to feel, to love, to cry, to die. With this catalogue and with the exhibition we want to explore the idea - both etymologically, iconographyically, art historically and in literature."

Other participants of Pathos where:

Pontus Kjerrman showed the sculpture "To the heaven and to the earth":