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Reflections in plaster

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 22 september - 7 november 2004

As a part of the celebration of its 250 years anniversary , the Royal Academy of Fine Arts reconstructed the "Antiksalen"( the hall of antiques) where the students of the schools of the Academy, from 1754 to the end of 19th century, made drawings after the antique plaster casts.

10 contemporary danish sculptors, with their works, reflected them self in the antique plaster casts. The sculptors were: Martin Erik Andersen, Bianca Maria Barmen, Lena Ignestam, Lone Høyer Hansen, Erik Heide, Hein Heinsen, Sophia Kalkau, Pontus Kjerrman, Karin Lorentzen och Bjørn Nørgaard, The exhibition was curated by Pontus Kjerrman , Bjørn Nørgaard and arch. Jan Zahle.